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World Teacher's Day
The Dean (SESS) explains to the students of Kangaru School the significant role the teachers play in their lives. The students gave their teachers a standing ovation and very loud cheers in appreciation.
World Teacher's Day
Students from SESS together with deans from others schools of education match on the Embu-Meru road after leading a celebration for World Teachers Day at Kangaru School
World Teacher's Day
The School of Education and Social Sciences lead by the Dean visited Kangaru School to celebrate the World Teacher’s Day on 5th October. The team was joined by the deans from all the universities in Kenya who were having a workshop at the University
Deans of Education Workshop
LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Wanyeki, Director TVETA; Prof Kwena, Education Dean Pwani University; Prof Muluvi, VC. SEKU and chair of the VCs forum; Prof Mugendi, VC University of Embu; and Dr. Ciriaka, Dean SESS and chair of Education Deans Forum (EDF) pose for a photo after the official opening of the Deans...
Deans of Education Workshop
Deans of Education from public and private University when they attended a two days’ workshop to discuss alignment of the University curriculum to CBC
Dr Milcah Nyaga, the coordinator of Teaching Practice mentoring prospective teachers currently enrolled in the School of Education and Social Sciences
DEB Kangaru Primary School Visit
The Dean SESS Dr. Ciriaka Gitonga lead a team from the school for a fact finding mission at DEB Kangaru Primary School. The headmistress Mrs. Lucy Manase (center of circle) explains how the pupils manage through the school.
DEB Kangaru Primary School Administration block
The University is in the process of partnering with the neighboring DEB Kangaru Primary School to improve learning experiences and outcomes of the school.
DEB Kangaru Primary School Visit
The Dean SESS Dr. Ciriaka Gitonga reassures a pre-school pupil at DEB Kangaru primary school that help is on the way.
Courtesy call by DEB Kangaru to VC
The head teacher of DEB Kangaru Primary School Mrs. Lucy Manase and a member of the Board of Management Mr. Chesaina brief the VC and SESS about the situation at the school.
Courtesy call by DEB Kangaru to VC
The headmistress and management of DEB Kangaru Primary School paid a courtesy call to the VC to explore ways they could improve the learning outcomes in their school. The VC and the lecturer from SESS. Promised to explore ways that the University can help the school.
Syracuse University at Embu
Dean of School of Education at Syracuse University Prof Joanna Masingila (Right) gifted the VC with an acrylic paper restrainer with an inscription about the Syracuse’s School of Education
Syracuse University at Embu: Brief of study abroad project by team leader Prof. Joanna Masingila
Prof Joanna Masingila (standing) briefed the VC, management team and Members of SESS of their experiences working at Ugweri Day School, Kangaru School and St Monica Special School. Their experiences can be accessed here (
Syracuse University at Embu: Group Photo of visiting professors and Students from Syracuse University
The VC hosted dinner for the team of professors and students from Syracuse who were in their Study Abroad program. The program is one of the projects envisioned in the MoU signed in 2017 between the University of Embu and Syracuse University.

  • About School of Education and Social Sciences

    Here you will find information of our Programmes, Research and Faculty. The School of Education and Social Sciences started in the year 2014. It is currently made up of Two Departments namely: Department of Education and the Department of Humanities. This is the largest school in the University, we are very proud of who we’re training.

    Programmes are offered in the Department of Education

    1. Bachelor of Education Science
    2. Bachelor of Education Arts
    3. Master of Education Planning and Administration
    4. PhD in Education Administration
    5. Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
    6. Master of Education in Instructional Methods and Educational Technology

    Programmes in the Department of Humanities

    1. Diploma in Corporate Communication
    2. Diploma in Counseling (Disaster Management and Trauma Counseling)
    3. Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies
    4. Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
    5. Diploma in Library Science
    6. Diploma In Public Relations And Corporate Communication
    7. Diploma in Social Work and Community Development
    8. Bachelor Of Arts In Criminology And Security
    9. Bachelor of Library and Information Science
    10. Master of Art in Linguistics

    What is new! New Programme development:

    1. Master of Child Studies
    2. Master of Educational Psychology
    3. Master of Leadership and Governance
    4. Master of Competence-Based Curriculum and Instruction
    5. Master of Corporate Communications
    6. PhD Educational Psychology
    7. PhD Corporate Communications

    School News

    • Monday, 02 September 2019 12:08
      Focusing on the New Curriculum
      Focusing on the New Curriculum The School of Education and Social Sciences is the fastest-growing school with marked growth in student and faculty numbers. The School occupies a strategic position...

  • SESS Staff Profiles

  • Latest Publications from the School

    • Masinde, J. M., & Sanya, O. (2022). Analysis of Interoperability, Security and Usability of Digital Repositories in Kenyan Institutions of Higher Learning. Data and Information Management,
    • Mugambi, F., Ndila, P., Masinde, J. & Kuria J., T (2022). Assessment of the Library Service Quality and Student Satisfaction at Gretsa University, Kenya. Journal of Library and Information Science (Accepted)
    • Masinde, J., Chen, J., Wambiri, D., & Mumo, A. (2021). Research Librarians’ Experiences of Research Data Management Activities at an Academic Library in a Developing Country. Data and Information Management, 5(3), 1–13.
    • Bibiana, R., Madrine, K., Eric, W., & Simon, T. (2020). Policy strategies for effective implementation of inclusive education in Kenya. International Journal Of Educational Administration And Policy Studies, 12(1), 28-42. doi: 10.5897/ijeaps2019.0622
    • Rukunga P.M., Ndege S. (2020) Tenets of Myths of Origin in the Tigania Community. Nairobi Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (March 2020) ISSN: 2520-4009
    • Njiru, S. M., Nyaga, M. N. & Karuku, S. (2019). Effects of performance ranking in Mathematics on students’ and teachers’ identity development. International Journal of Secondary Education, 7(1), 17-28.
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    • Njura, H. J., Kubai I.K., Taaliu, S. M. (2019). Constraints in Teaching Secondary School Agriculture for Food Security: A Case of Secondary Schools in Embu County, Kenya. IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science Volume 24, Issue 5, Pp.22-30. Retrived from:


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